Lazarus                                                                                                                                         Darius Christiansen

With the moving, twisting, and combining ways of the soil,                                            the worms are uncovered

And the amorphous thing blinks.

The stone that purgatorized his torso shatters from the impetus of the roots.          Process of putrefaction ceases, and the vibrating of the biological impulses begin.

And the nebulous thing twitches.

Cellular play of the white blood cell shrinks the size of the cancer                             electric play of the frontal lobe creates whispers from the mouth.

And the indefinite one speaks, “Jesus”

Elastic and collagenous fiber, ground substance and cells connect and suture together, the bones pop and bend.

And the inchoate being cried and its heart beat.

Above the jumbled greenery, the illustrious smell of growing skin,                             makes a prospectus for the civilians to surround the scene.                                               It was the silky shock of the voice of Jesus that raised him                                    “Lazarus, come forth!”

The non crystalline form, compacted its loose matter with a dynamo of energy,                 he bubbled to the top of the surface and stood before the crowd                                     and spoke,                                                                                                                     “Jesus”

Man and woman                                                                                                             Child and pet, whirled around like maniacs                                                                      Howled the hostile speeches against the universe and the ways of the world,                      The black snake jellied toward Lazarus                                                                             The snails inched toward him.

And the once restricted body of Lazarus is refined by ideology,                               rationality, power, commerce, and common sense.